Well it all came around quickly again but unfortunatly this year we had to limit the numbers taking part due to the water levels on the usual lake, so i apologise to the Juniors that wanted to fish but couldn’t due to this years event being full. I’d like to say a big thank you to all the parents that managed to get their youngsters to the lake for the 7.45 draw, or should i say thank you to the youngsters for kicking their parents out of bed! 

This year saw a goody bag presented to each entraint which was kindly donated by Wychwood Tackle www.wychwood-tackle.co.uk  thank you Phoebe Stuart for arranging this for everyone including us marshalls, even i smiled for a second!

So after the draw everyone had a mad hour an half to get set up in the prespective swims, boundries were discussed and enforsed, and we waited for the start at 8.30.

We didn’t have to wait long before crys of fish on were heard the Angler in question Jack Andrews had managed to hook up to one angry carp just under the surface, good skills Jack.

Ben Morley chapion of 2012/13 saw this as a wake up call and was soon landing his first of the match, Jack was having none of this and swiftly banked another.

Elsewhere the lake was fishing slow, fish could be seen, but were not showing any intrest, Phoebe Stuart, having witnessed this behaviour many times before, quietly went about spoding small amounts of sloppy spod mix over the top, this worked well in the 12-14 foot of water she had infront of her, when a carp took a liking to her little zig. These fish do fight hard in the deep water and unfortunatly through no fault of her own the hook was spat out. Not deterd she was back out within seconds.

While this was going on Ben Morley had pushed himself into the lead by a few ounzes, and Morgan Buck had landed a 14lb common which had given him the biggest fish of the match so far. At this point i’d like to Mention that one of the clubs Match Team Alf Darby came down to help, it was his help that managed to land Morgan his carp, Alf showed the lads that its not all about bollies and alarms, and that some of the stuff these lads do, can help you win a match. Alf lent Morgan his prized waggler rod set up with a pellet waggler and explain the simple rig he uses and how to feed the swim before fishing it. After 10 mins of feeding the rod was cast and the carp took the bait on the drop, resulting in his 14lb common

Alf then spent all day speaking with the young anglers and lending out floats and rigs if their wanted to try this method. A big Thank you Alf for your time and i hope you got all your floats back.

Meanwhile young Harry Vallence was having a little bad luck in swim 3 hooking, but unfortunatly losing 3 fish, unlucky m8 all i can say to you little fella try to play the fish a little gently, its a battle that i wont you to win.

Logan Hall was struggling and said he was going to give up!!!!! But a few words of perswasion from me had him beat Morgans biggest fish by 4 ounzes within the hour well done. His mate in the next peg Lee “i’m so lucky in the raffle” Hart also managed to bag a nice double.

Last years winner Ben Taber was slow off the mark but also managed to bag a couple of fish

Charlie Jones in his first C.A.A carp match had also started slowly, but as the day went on some fish started to show in front of him and he did well in keeping them there. It was looking like he was going to nick 1st if only he could entice another couple.

Lennie Oliver was plugging away with the “help” from his dad, who at one point was nearly given a yellow card, as his frustration at having carp in front of them nearly boiled over. Unlucky Lennie better luck next year.

To the others that didn’t catch don’t be disheartened, you all worked really hard on the day and its a nice feeling seeing the calibre of anglers coming through in this club.

I’d Like to say a big thankyou to the people behind the scenes, Paul Bocking, Barry Davis and Ian Stokes they do a lot of work that doesn’t get seen by the Club Members, i take a my hat off to you Guys.

Thanks to my Great Marshalls, Lee Goodchild, Mick Moseley, Eddie Marsh, Cassie Griffiths, Paul Charles and Spencer Phair. With out your help i could not do this, your all diamonds

Finally a MASSIVE thankyou to our sponsers again this year Simon @ www.bevancarptackle.co.uk and to the Guys over at www.dtbaits.co.uk your continued support goes a very long way to making this competition get better and better.

Tight Lines see you next year

Adam Thacker.



 Ben Morley     



 Charlie Jones  



 Jack Andrews  



 Ben Taber      



 Logan Hall      



 Morgan Buck    



 Lee Hart          



Harry Vallance



Lennie Oliver



Phoebe Stuart



Reef Cowell



Jack Swann



Jack Taber



William Wheeler



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