Coronavirus Update 10/06/2020

When we opened up the lakes for fishing we said the toilets were closed due to the fact we couldn’t guarantee they could be kept clean and sterilised all the time. We deliberately did not lock them however so as to allow Toilets + to clean them. We asked that you did not use the bushes and leave waste everywhere, which, with a couple of exceptions has been followed. However, this was not an excuse to bag up your waste and then put it down the toilets or leave your waste in bags and leave it around the toilets for someone else to clear up after you. Toilets + have refused to empty some toilets now as it is blocking their equipment. This is an absolute disgrace by some of you which we now have to find a company to clean up for us costing us money. This will go one of two ways either clean up after yourselves and take it home with you Or we will close the lakes one by one until people get the message. The toilets will be completely locked down and no access will be given from now on. Unfortunately the actions of a few will ruin it for the majority but tough luck, our lakes and the countryside are not dumping grounds for your waste. Bag it and take it home. Ian Stokes Chairman

Coronavirus Update 18/05/2020

You will be pleased to know that the membership cards have been sent out. When you receive your card and you have a rod licence you can go fishing, please be aware though, once they have been posted it is out of our control when you receive it however.

Due to the government and the Angling Trust guidelines of 15 metres distancing between swims we have had to close some swims on the lakes. We have roped these swims off with blue rope so they cannot be used till further notice and roped areas where you can pass swims safely.
We have put wooden posts with orange paint around Tufnell’s to denote the swims that can be used.

Unfortunately due to the nature of Braxted Front and Back lakes there are a limited number of swims, the Reservoir is ok however. We have tried to keep closures to a minimum on all the lakes, so, please do not be tempted to fish these swims, bailiff patrols will be stepped up and we will discipline anyone caught fishing them. They are in place to protect you and other members.

We have designated one swim per lake for Bailiffs only as per recommendation from the AT. If you have an issue on the lake and there is a Bailiff in situ then they have been instructed to help you resolve your issue.

Please remember your hand sanitizers and/or wipes when using the locks and gates. The toilets are closed till further notice.

I know you all be desperate to get on the lakes but they could be potentially extremely busy and with the weather set to warm up the carp could well be spawning so if you can wait a bit longer then may I suggest you do so.

Thank you for your

Ian Stokes

Coronavirus Update 13/05/2020

As you are aware the lakes have not been opened yet. The Committee felt that time was needed to get our lakes ready by following the Angling Trust guidelines as best we can.

We will be working on the lakes over the next few days closing swims those deemed too close together, there is a guideline of a 15metre gap between swims from the A.T, but the way we understand it there is some leeway with that but some swims will have to close. This will mean a small reduction of the number of swims on each lake unfortunately.

When using the locks and gates, you the member will be responsible for your own hygiene and that of others. Use hand sanitizers and or anti bacterial wipes before and after opening/closing the gates and locks. This will help to protect you and other members.

Toilets on the lakes will be closed until further notice due to the fact we cannot guarantee they will be kept to the hygienic standards required by the Government and A.T.
This does not mean you can act like a bear and go where you please. If you have to go make sure you deal with it properly and take it away with you. Please do not turn our lakes in to an open cesspit. A life ban awaits anyone caught not complying with this rule.

When the Bailiffs ask for you membership card they may ask you to place it somewhere and ask you move 2mtres away so they can read it or they may ask you to read out your details. Please respect what they ask you to do they are volunteers and are doing their job.
We are hopeful all work will be finished by Sunday 17th in which case membership cards will be sent out and as soon as you receive it you can go fishing.

Please be aware that with the swim reductions and that large numbers of you will want to go fishing the lakes will be extremely busy. We have looked into the booking systems recommended by AT however these only work for day ticket waters not associations like ourselves, so when you turn up, the lakes could well be full, please do not use a swim that has been closed, we will keep a record of all those closed and anyone caught will face a ban.

There will be two new sets of gates at the opening to the Braxted complex at the Commodity Centre and at the car park end. The combination will be the same as all other lakes. The gates are automatically set to operate at certain times so you will not be allowed to enter before 5-45am and you must leave before 10-15pm otherwise the gates will automatically lock and you will be shut in.
This is down to the Commodity Centre itself and their new security and health and safety policy. It is not down to CAA or our Landlord. There will be more details to follow when we have them however.

I know this hard but we have to follow the rules and guidelines and that fishing, like other sports, is at the moment a privilege NOT a right and if we as Anglers do not act accordingly it can be taken away from us at anytime. Hopefully we will be back to normal as soon as possible but until then please follow the rules regarding social distancing and keep your hands clean at all times when using the gates and locks, we cannot emphasise this point enough.

Thank you for your patience.
Ian Stokes


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